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KIOXIA Business Products

Product information on Memory and SSDs for business customers. Kioxia continues to innovate with BiCS FLASH™ 3D technology and storage products to meet the needs of our customers with a broad product lineup.


In 1987, the world’s first NAND flash memory was invented. Then, in 2007, we pioneered the development of 3D flash memory technology which enables us to increase the capacity of flash memory. And today, this technology is playing an important role in changing the lives of people around the world. KIOXIA offers a wide variety of flash memory products to meet a wide range of needs.


KIOXIA solid state drive (SSD) portfolio is built with BiCS FLASH™ 3D flash memory, delivering optimized SSD products and solutions for client PCs, enterprise servers and storage, and cloud data centers.

Storage technologies and solutions that support the latest SSDs, such as software-defined solutions that share SSDs across security networks, are introduced.


Whether it’s automotive applications or compact high performance-oriented PCs or cloud server and hyperscale data center deployments, by delivering advanced high performance, high density, low power, low latency, reliability and more—KIOXIA memory and storage solutions enable the success of emerging applications and allow existing technologies to reach their expected potential.



Please contact us if you have any technical questions, requests for materials, are interested in samples or purchases of business products (Memory, SSD), etc.